London Herald 9-11



    Unit X: Modern American History: World Leader or Falling Giant?




    I.          The New Right, and Iran Contra


    Text 1040-1041 (1st column), 1043-1046 (top); Spirit II: 602-603 (cartoon), 604-605 (Krauthammer), 605-607 (Patterson)


    What caused a resurgence of conservatism in the 1980s?  How is that resurgence reflected in policy of the Reagan years?  Is Reagan generally an accomplished political leader, or simple a talented actor playing a role?  Explain.


    II.        A Whimper, not a Bang:  The Cold War Comes to a Close


                Text 1037-1040, 1046-1049; Spirit 592-596 (Four Views)


    Did America “win” the Cold War?  Why or why not?




    III.       A New World Order



                Text 1049-1053, Spirit II 607-608 (Solarz), 609 (cartoon), 610 (cartoon)


    Was Bush wise to pursue limited goals in the Persian Gulf War, or should he have lobbied for the removal of Saddam Hussein?  Why didn’t he do so?




    IV.       The Baby Boomers Take Charge


                Text 1056-1064 (top paragraph)


    Did President Clinton’s actions in the Lewinsky Affair rise to the level of an impeachable offense?  Why or why not?




    V.        The 2000 Election Debacle and George W. Bush


    Text 1064-1067 (1/2 2nd column); Spirit II 618-620 (Supreme Court), 620-621 (Stevens)


    Was the Supreme Court decision in Bush v Gore a reasonable solution to the ongoing Florida recount problem?  Why or why not?



    VI.       The War on Terror: Afghanistan, Iraq, and the USA Patriot Act


                Text 1067 (last paragraph)-1073 (first column)


    Is the USA Patriot Act an appropriate government response to the dangers posed by international terrorism or a violation of constitutional rights? Support your position.



    VII.     The Problems of the New Century


                Text 1083-1087, 1090-1102 (top of 2nd column)


    What are the modern-day domestic challenges facing America?  Which do you believe to be of greatest concern? Why?


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