• ~Rocket Math begins at the end of January ~
    Rocket Math is differentiated program to help learn Basic Math Facts.
    Each day in Math class, your child is given a basic math facts page to complete. They are timed for 1 minute and have a goal based on how fast they can read the problem, solve it, and then write it. This is differentiated instruction becasue each child has their OWN PERSONAL GOAL and they move at their OWN speed throughout the program.
    They will have Rocket Math homework if:
    -They do not reach their goal. Have your child practice the top half of the paper out loud, saying the entire problem (i.e. Four plus three is seven). If you feel it would help, your child can also practice writing the problems at the top and see how far they get in one minute. Rocket Math practice sessions should not be more than 5 minutes.
    They will NOT have Rocket Math homework if:
    -They pass their goal.
    -They will move onto the higher level the next day.
    On Fridays only:
    -They will be timed for 2 minutes on mixture of basic facts.
    -If they do not complete the whole page (which is very unlikely at this point in the year due to there being 80 problems) it is NOT homework but could always be completed at home for extra practice.
    Please let me know if you have any questions!
Last Modified on January 7, 2015