• Ap us history post-test research project


    We have moved very quickly through American History this year.  Unfortunately, one side effect of preparing for the AP test in May is a sacrifice of depth – often we never get really “into” topics in the manner I would like. In a way my course tends to be a “mile wide and an inch deep”.  With this project, we can change that.


    Assignment: Proposal Submission Form
    You will be researching a topic in American History of your choosing, citing specific information where applicable and explaining its significance to the overall panoply of US History and/or the time period in which it occurred. This project contains both a research paper AND presentation component.
    It is to be expository (informational) in style.  The thesis should reflect the reasoning you used when choosing the topic ("________ is underrated in the study of US history because..."; "________ is significant to the time period because..."; "________ should be emphasized more in AP US History because..." )

    Value: 80 points

    Writer’s Perspective: Third person limited


    Audience: high school student with limited knowledge of your chosen topic.


    Technical requirements (paper): For full credit, your paper must:

    • Be 3-4 pages in length
    • Be typed, double spaced, and using a legible font no larger than standard size 12. 
    • Include a bibliography of at least five sources.  All works cited must be done so in proper MLA format.
    • Be free of spelling, usage, punctuation, and grammar errors.


    Content requirements (paper):  For full credit, your paper must:

    • Begin with a general introduction.
    • Provide basic factual information about your chosen topic.  Concentrate on chronology and cause-and effect.
    • Explain why this topic ought to be addressed by the College Board within the AP Curriculum.
    • Fully explain the historical significance of your chosen topic.
    • End with a definitive conclusion about your chosen topic.




    Value: 70 points (20 points for the presentation, 50 for the quality of the visual aid).  Moderation guidelines will be used as the rubric for this option.

    As part of your grade, you will present your research to the class. 

    • This is to be an 10 minute (roughly) explanation of your topic.
    •  Your presentation must include some VISUAL AID.  This can be a collage, poster, handouts, power point presentation, music video, interpretive dance, etc.  Be creative!
    •  Be prepared to field questions from your classmates and from me.  Know your topic!  There will be a grade associated with both the visual aid AND your presentation.
    • You must also submit a "works consulted" page in conjunction with your paper. This is to be at least five sources in bibliographic format.


    You will be given approximately a week of class time in the library to work on this project.  I will be available for help and direction, as will the NASH library staff. Papers are due and presentations begin on Tuesday, May 27th.

Last Modified on June 4, 2014