• Please help your first grader learn these words each week. We build upon this vocabulary, so it is crucial that all students know the words. The words your child should have learned in kindergarten at North Allegheny are:
    I, a, my, the, go, to, like, he, come, here, this, me, for, where, do, you, look, one, see, what, two, up, down, we, want, out, who, are, they, she, good, and, there, give, little, that, have, friend, said, any, was, of 
    Lesson   New High Frequency Words:
     1  help, let's, now
     2  in, no, too
     3  so, hold, get, home, soon
     4  oh, late, yes
     5  find, much, thank
     6  many, how, make, some, of
     7  day, said, eat, first, time, was
     8  don't, says, water, Mr., new, line, her
     9  live, does, grow, many, be, food
     10     school, every, your, feet, use, arms, head, way
     11  very, cold, fish, their, from, animals, under
     12  could, happy, gold, night, saw, came, made, were
     13     grew, fly, air, friends, play, need, watch, rain
     14  feel, put, house, Mrs., say, loud, again, know
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