• Nutrition Wrap-up:
    This assignment will require you to do some investigations into your health and record some data related to your health.
    You will need to visit the following sites for reference and and to collect data.
    Please include the following data in your lab report:
    • Resting Heartrate
    • Target Heartrate
    • Average calories taken in per day over our three day monitoring - include calculations
    • Average calories burned through exercise/activity per day during our three day monitoring - include calculations
    • Average hours of sleep per night over our three day - include calculation
    • Please include a comparison of BMI to Body Fat Percentage

    Please answer the following questions:

    1. Is your physical activity level appropriate for your caloric intake?
    2. What does your resting heartrate say about your heart health?
    3. What is your caloric debt or surplus? Is your debt or surplus healthy, why or why not?
    4. Do you feel that your BMI compared to Fat % are a valid set of data, why or why not?
    5. Is your routine, sleep, exercise, works, food intake at a healthy balance? be specific
    6. Looking at your diet over our period of monitoring, what are some changes that you would like to make to your routine or diet?
    7. Thinking back to the movies Food Inc., what are some of the challenges for families trying to eat on a budget? What are some of the misconceptions regarding "health food", and what are some of the issues with relying on the industrial food system as they relate to health?
Last Modified on April 29, 2014