• Activities to increase neural pathways across the brain
    1. Be creative: nothing is really wrong….
    2. Don’t be afraid…… if you cannot do them… as you practice with the students you will get better at them too.
    3. Give it ago…. do you have anything to lose!!!
    4. Some of the stuff you already do is a brain break and cross the midline!!

    Quick activities

    v Hook up brain break – lift up fingers….
    v Hand & elbow
    Hand and knee
    Elbow & knee (cross crawl)
    Variation- Hand and foot behind back      Variation- bicycles on back like a cross crunch (abs exercise).

    v Nose & ear
    Foot and hand
    v Fingers
    o 1 & 2
    2 & 5
    3 & 2

    v Opposite Finger and thumb
    v Opposite Little finger an thumb

    Pinky and thumb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhLtDlEOOvA&feature=related

    v Pat head – rub belly
    One arm up & down- other arm up, side & down

    Different arm directions http://brainbreaks.blogspot.com/2009/02/different-directions.html

    v Draw triangle with one finger (left hand) – Draw square with other one finger (right hand).

    Triangle and square http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifaY7VffuIs&feature=related

    v Lazy 8s or alphabet 8’s
    Calf pump

    Hook up video



    o Hook up – naturally reduces epinephrine and increases serotonin this helps you to relax before orduring a stressful situation such as taking a test= stand up.

    o Hook up variations

    § simply cross arms and legs = sitting

    § Press fingers together and cross ankles


    Quick hands game- (Hands always start one on each side of the head)

    Part 1: Hands go straight down and touch the knees, then come back up to the head.
    Part 2: Right hand to left knee and back to side of head.
    Part 3: Left hand to right knee and back to side of head.
    Part 4: Both hands to opposite knees and back to head.
    Part 5: Clap, touch knees, then back to head.
    Part 6: Clap, touch knees, clap, then back to head.
    Part 7: Clap under right knee, then back to head.
    Part 8: Clap under left knee, then back to head.
    Part 9: Clap, then clap under right knee, then back to head.
    Part 10: Clap, then clap under left knee, then back to head

    BRAIN JOGGERS- simple movements from Action based learning

    Celebrate Hug – Hug own shoulder
    Brain Buttons – one hand on belly – one hand on head
    Cross Crawl – Walking motion lift knee slowly and touch with opposite hand- switch and repeat slowly.
    Hook Ups – Sit, stand or lie down. Cross the legs comfortably at the ankles. Rest tongue on the roof of the mouth. Great for students experiencing STRESS and or anxiety.
    Thinking cap- roll and unroll the ear, using finger and thumb

    The windmill – Touch opposite foot with hand. Stand up and switch.
    Slap leather- Reach behind you with your R hand and touch the left foot. Switch.
    Grapevine – Step behind step kick
    Karaoke – Step behind step cross
    Straddle cross – Jump feet apart. Jump feet crossed right over left. Switch.
    Handclap patterns- Slap hands on thighs 2X clap hands together 2x. Slap partners hands twice. Clap twice. Repeat. Cross over to slap opposite hands patty cake style.
    Hand Jive pattern - Slap thighs, Clap hands, hand over hand, mashed potato, thumbs over opposite or same shoulders (hitch hiker).

    These cross lateral activities will help us to strengthen the neural pathways in our brains, so we can learn more easily and effectively.
Last Modified on January 22, 2014