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    Rocket Math(Daily practice at home is essential for student success!)

    Rocket Math Parent Practice Guide
    --How can I help my child practice at home?
    Rocket Math Sample Lesson -Please allow a few moments for this file to upload to your computer.
    Due to copyright laws, Rocket Math practice sheets are not permitted to be posted on my website. Each child was given a fact sequence list, flashcards, and a copy of each one minute timed quiz. I will email Rocket Math resources to families as students progress through the subtraction, multiplication, and division sequences. Daily reinforcement at home is imperative for student success!
    Study Island:  Click here to access. 
     Your username is na followed by your lunch number (na123456) and your password is the name of the NA mascot (plural)
    Computer Programming
    Computer Science Education Week: Hour of Code--Write your first computer program using logical reasoning skills
    In-Class Assessment Activities 
    Click here for Socrative Assessments.  Mrs. Lewandowski's class log in code is :   McK3D
    Click here for Kahoot Activities and Assessments.  Mrs. Lewandowski will announce the game pin.
    Click here to complete practice quizzes on all third grade math skills. 
    Go Math Third Grade Lesson Sequence: Scroll Down for Chapter and Lesson 
    You can access the student book pages, video lessons, personal math trainer, and much more with your child's access code!  Please click here to see all the resources available for parents and students.
    Chapter 1: Addition and Subtraction
    Lesson 1.1  Number Patterns
    Lesson 1.2  Round to the Nearest Ten or Hundred
    Lesson 1.3  Estimate Sums
    Lesson 1.4  Mental Math Strategies for Addition
    Lesson 1.5 Use Properties to Add
    Lesson 1.6 Use the Break Apart Strategy to Add
    Lesson 1.7 Use Place Value to Add
    Lesson 1.8 Estimate Differences
    Lesson 1.9 Mental Math Strategies for Subtraction 
    Chapter 2: Represent & Interpret Data 
    Lesson 2.1 Organize Data
    Lesson 2.2 Use Picture Graphs 
    Lesson 2.3 Make Picture Graphs
    Lesson 2.4 Use Bar Graphs
    Lesson 2.5 Make Bar Graphs
    Lesson 2.6 Solve Problems Using Data
    Lesson 2.7 Use and Make Line Plots
    Chapter 3: Understanding Multiplication 
    Lesson 3.1 Count Equal Groups
    Lesson 3.2 Relate Addition & Multiplication
    Lesson 3.3 Skip Count on a Number Line
    Lesson 3.4 Model Multiplication
    Lesson 3.5 Model with Arrays
    Lesson 3.6 Commutative Property of Multiplication
    Lesson 3.7 Multiply with 1 and 0 
    Multiplication Songs to Reinforce Facts in Chapters 3 & 4
    Chapter 4: Multiplication Facts & Strategies 
    Lesson 4.1  Multiply with 2 and 4
    Lesson 4.2  Multiply with 5 and 10
    Lesson 4.3  Multiply with 3 and 6
    Lesson 4.4  Distributive Property
    Lesson 4.5  Multiply with 7
    Lesson 4.6  Associative Property of Multiplication
    Lesson 4.7  Patterns on the Multiplication Table 
    Chapter 5: Use Multiplication Facts 
    Lesson 5.1  Describe Patterns 
    Lesson 5.2  Find Unknown Numbers
    Lesson 5.3  Use the Distributive Property
    Lesson 5.4  Multiplication Strategies with Multiples of 10
    Lesson 5.5  Multiply 1-Digit Numbers by Multiples of 10
    Chapter 6:  Understand Division 
    Lesson 6.1  Model Division
    Lesson 6.2  Size of Equal Groups
    Lesson 6.3  Number of Equal Groups 
    Lesson 6.4  Model with Bar Models
    Lesson 6.5  Relate Subtraction & Division
    Lesson 6.6  Model with Arrays
    Lesson 6.7  Relate Multiplication & Division
    Lesson 6.8  Write Related Facts
    Lesson 6.9  Division Rules for 1 and 0 
    Chapter 7:  Division Facts & Strategies 
    Lesson 7.1  Divide by 2
    Lesson 7.2  Divide by 10
    Lesson 7.3  Divide by 5
    Lesson 7.4  Divide by 3
    Lesson 7.5  Divide by 4
    Lesson 7.6  Divide by 6
    Lesson 7.7  Divide by 7
    Lesson 7.8  Divide by 8
    Lesson 7.9  Divide by 9 
    Chapter 8:  Understanding Fractions 
    Lesson 8.1  Equal Parts of a Whole
    Lesson 8.2  Equal Shares
    Lesson 8.3  Unit Fractions of a Whole
    Lesson 8.4  Fractions of a Whole
    Lesson 8.5  Fractions on a Number Line
    Lesson 8.6  Relate Fractions & Whole Numbers
    Lesson 8.7  Fractions of a Group
    Lesson 8.8  Find Part of a Group Using Unit Fractions
    Lesson 8.9  Find the Whole Group Using Unit Fractions 
    Chapter 9:  Compare Fractions 
    Lesson 9.1  Compare Fractions
    Lesson 9.2  Compare Fractions with the Same Denominator
    Lesson 9.3  Compare Fractions with the Same Numerator
    Lesson 9.4  Compare Fractions
    Lesson 9.5  Compare & Order Fractions
    Lesson 9.6  Model Equivalent Fractions
    Lesson 9.7  Equivalent Fractions 
    Chapter 10:  Time, Length, Liquid Volume, & Mass
    Lesson 10.1  Time to the Minute
    Lesson 10.2  A.M. and P.M.
    Lesson 10.3  Measure Time Intervals
    Lesson 10.4  Use Time Intervals
    Lesson 10.5  Time Intervals
    Lesson 10.6  Measure Length
    Lesson 10.7  Estimate & Measure Liquid Volume
    Lesson 10.8  Estimate & Measure Mass
    Lesson 10.9  Solve Problems About Liquid Volume & Mass
    Chapter 11:  Perimeter & Area 
    Lesson 11.1  Model Perimeter
    Lesson 11.2  Find Perimeter
    Lesson 11.3  Find Unknown Side Lengths
    Lesson 11.4  Understand Area
    Lesson 11.5  Measure Area
    Lesson 11.6  Use Area Models
    Lesson 11.7  Area of Rectangles
    Lesson 11.8  Area of Combined Rectangles
    Lesson 11.9  Same Perimeter, Different Areas
    Chapter 12:  Two Dimensional Shapes 
    Lesson 12.1  Describe Plane Shapes
    Lesson 12.2  Describe Angles in Plane Shapes
    Lesson 12.3  Identify Polygons
    Lesson 12.4  Describe Sides of a Polygon
    Lesson 12.5  Classify Quadrilaterals
    Lesson 12.6  Draw Quadrilaterals
    Lesson 12.7  Describe Triangles
    Lesson 12.8  Classify Plane Shapes
    Lesson 12.9  Relate Shapes, Fractions, and Area 

    Math Basic Facts and Skill Reinforcement Websites
    Math Magician-play games to reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. 
    Multiplication.com--Play games to practice multiplication facts  
    Math Playground is a math learning site for students in grades K-6. It features a large collection of word problems, math games, and logic puzzles
    Cool Math Games-Play some "cool math games" at this site including the classic simulation game Lemonade Stand.
    Create A Graph Classic- Use survey data to create a bar, line, or bar graph
    Adapted Minds-Games and activities to practice all third grade math eligible content.
    Division Machine Pick a level! This should not be too hard if you know yourtimes tables.
    Fun Brain--Lots of fun math games to practice your skills
     Math Aids--Create your own worksheets to reinforce basic facts and other math concepts
    ABCya!Math and other activities. Click on the grade level. 
    A Plus MathDeveloped to help students improve their math skills interactively. Test your math skills with our Flashcards! Try out the Math Word Find puzzle. See the Worksheets section, where you can print worksheets to practice offline.
    Addition Machine Choose a skill level and off you go! 
    Basket Math Interactive This online, interactive learning is fun, with choices of activities in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, order of operations, perimeter, distance, word problems, and more.
    Count Us In Fifteen math games for young students including subtraction bowling and counting sheep.
    Division Machine Pick a level! This should not be too hard if you know yourtimes tables. 
    Dude's Dilemma Fly a helicopter and rescue Dude the dog using math facts. You can choose the operation and the level of difficulty. 
    Houghton Mifflin Mathematicshas activities for each grade level that offer test prep practice, brain teasers and more.There are also parent and teacher resources.
    IKnowthat.com Language arts, math, science, social studies. Check with your librarian because you need the password! 
    Interactive Math Games Find a variety of different games including basic operations, fractions, telling time, and even directions to make your own. 
    Mrs. Dell's Multiplication PlaceLots of ways to practice your facts. Try thetimes table test. 
    Math Cats Covers everything from counting change to the artistic beauty in math. Math Cats' numerous activities include the Polygon Playground, how to make polyhedral ornaments, and math games and math art. 
    Math Fact Cafe Use flashcard as well as other tools to practice your math facts.
    Math LabDesigned for students in grades 3-12 toEXPERIENCE math. Findlinks to math lessons, games, printouts,and other math resources.
    Math Magician Various timed tests on the four basic operations. There are many options. 
    Math Playground is a math learning site for students in grades K-6. It features a large collection of word problems, math games, and logic puzzles. 
    Multiplication Machine Quick simple practice for your times tables. 
    Multiplication.com Has games and activities to help you master those multiplication facts.
    Multiflyer Students progress through the solar system by correctly answering their multiplication facts from 1 to 12. A multiplication grid is also available as a cool tool.
    Primary Games- Math Math games such as Mini-Golf, Carnival Jackpot, Time Clock and Topsy Turvey.
    Subtraction Machine Choose a skill level and off you go.
    XtraMath Basic math practice. Requires log-in.
     Soft School Math--lots of games to reinforce communication arts and math skills for all elementary grade levels

    Math-Decimals and Place Value 
    Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy Review place value and comparing and rounding numbers. Also, practice number patterns. Play against the computer or a partner.
    Decimal Squares Some awesome interactive games including Beat the Clock, Decimal Darts, and Place Value Strategy. Play against the computer or a partner.
    Railroad Repair Fix the railroad tracks by adding decimal segments.
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