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    Ingomar Elementary School employs the Olweus Bully Prevention Program, along with the Second Step Program, to guide our students in their social interactions to yield a positive, safe learning environment. Weekly class meetings are held within the students' homeroom setting. These discussions are meant to educate and provide a safe forum for resolving conflict and solving problems. To support our expectations that all students treat one another with respect and kindness, we have integrated a school-wide rewards program based on keeping Ingomar Elementary School Paws-itively Awesome! Students earn "Paws" and "Bonus Paws" for classroom raffles and quarterly classroom rewards.
    Additionally, the Ingomar Elementary School Bully Prevention Team consists of staff members and parent volunteers committed to supporting the goals of the Olweus Bully Prevention Program. Together, we have attained an environment that is "PAWS-itively Bully Free". The first Friday of each month is designated at Bully Prevention T-Shirt Day, on which day the students are invited to wear their bully prevention t-shirt or school colors to show their support of the program and their desire to have a positive learning environment. The Bully Prevention Team, referred to as the Kindness Committee, meets regularly to update our scope and sequence of bully prevention materials and to create morning announcements highlighting the monthly theme for our bully prevention topics. These words represent characteristics and values selected by the team, around which our class meetings are developed.
    The Bully Prevention Team has included a library of resources for you here on this website. It is our hope that these resources will be beneficial to students and parents looking for additional insights, conversation topics, and resources to guide their actions if they become aware of a bullying situation. Please continue to check back for updates as we develop this resource according to the most current bully prevention research. Parents are also welcome to visit the library at Ingomar Elementary School to borrow resources to aid in discussions with their children. Using stories and literature can help students learn lessons about safety and social interactions vicariously, without having to go through the situation themselves to learn the lesson. We encourage you to explore the resources we have available. 
    If your child is facing a bullying situation or has reported one to you at home involving others, please use the forms below to assist you in reporting the incident. You can also email or call the school directly, reporting to Dr. Michalowski, Mrs. Sweeney, or your child's classroom teacher. We will work with you as a team to ensure that your child has an excellent educational experience at Ingomar Elementary School! 
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