•  Research paper: The Civil War

    Mr. Tengowski– AP US History


    Assignment: To address a complex historical question in a formal research paper using information discussed in class and limited resources.

    Purpose: Create a convincing argument that addresses the question: What caused the Civil War? and support your assertions with strong historical evidence and persuasion skills.   Your paper is to address THREE causes of the Civil War specifically. Caveat: though you may discuss slavery throughout your paper, the focus is to be three OTHER causes of the conflict. Be sure your thesis reflects this (no vanilla...)

    Writer’s Perspective: Third person limited

    Audience: high school student with limited knowledge of your chosen topic.


    Sources to be used:

    I have distributed Edwin C. Rozwenc’s The Causes of the Civil War in preparation for this paper.  You are required to use it as a source.  I expect at least four other sources as part of your bibliography for a total of five (5) sources. You may use on-line sources, text sources (including our assigned text series), and/or lecture notes as part of researching your thesis.


    Technical requirements: For full credit, your paper must:

    ·         Begin with a heading in MLA format, and include proper pagination.

    ·         Be 4-6 pages in length.

    ·         Be typed, double spaced, and using a legible font no larger than standard size 12. 

    ·         Include a works cited page that must be done so in proper MLA format.

    ·         Be free of spelling, usage, and punctuation errors.


    Content requirements:  For full credit, your paper must:

    • Begin with a general introduction of the topic that presents a clear thesis statement addressing the question.
    • Provide basic factual information about the topic.
    • Fully explain and elaborate on information supporting your position, in which you identify THREE key causes of the Civil War.
    • End with a definitive conclusion about your chosen position, specifically including supposition regarding whether or not the conflict could have been avoided and, if so,  how.
    • Grade Bump Due Date: Friday December 20th by 2:00pm
    • Non-Grade Bump Due Date: Monday January 6th by 2:00pm


    You will be given several weeks to work on this paper.  See the project rubric for a further break-down of requirements.







    Grading rubric: The Causes of the Civil War Research Paper


    • Focus (__________/15)

    Issue is clearly explained in the introduction

    Position is clearly stated in the introduction

    Paper consistently maintains focus


    • Content  (__________/40)

    Provide factual information about your chosen topic.

    Establish clearly your chosen position.

    Fully explains and elaborates on reasons supporting your position.

    Identify and elaborate upon three specific causes of the Civil War


    • Organization (___________/15)                   

    Begin with an introduction that contains an identifiable thesis statement.

    End with a definitive conclusion about your chosen position.

    Reasoning is presented in an orderly and logical fashion



    • Style (__________15)                                                                        

    Proper words/sentence structure throughout

    No awkward sentencing

    Writing is proper tone for audience



    • Technical Requirements/Conventions  (__________/15)

    Paper is free of spelling, usage, and punctuation errors

    Paper is presented in typed, double-spaced, with legible font (size 12)

    Paper is in standard MLA format

    Works are cited properly



         TOTAL POINTS/100 : _______________


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