• Dear Parent(s),

     Our district has purchased licenses for a web-based program, Study Island. This research-based curriculum offers instruction, practice, and assessment activities for students that align with Pennsylvania's Common Core Standards.  Licenses have been purchased for each elementary school within NA for grades 3, 4, and 5. 

      Your child will be using this program at school to help him/her in reading, math, or both content areas. We are providing you with your child’s account information if you feel that extra practice at home would be useful to your child in targeting specific needs. (After your child successfully completes a lesson, there’s a game that he/she plays to reinforce that concept.J)

     Here’s the website, username, and password for your child’s account:

     Website:  www.studyisland.com

    Username: nastudent'slunchnumber

    Password:  tigers1

     Also, there are many English/Grammar skills on Study Island  - just scroll down to see them on the main ELA screen. These skills might be helpful when reviewing for English tests. Thank you so much for your support and efforts to help your child with the curriculum. As always, please feel free to contact me at anytime. 

    Kristen Huskey






Last Modified on October 18, 2018