Third Grade Robust Vocabulary Words: Theme 2

    Lesson 6

    "The Babe and I"

    skim- If a boat moves swiftly over the water, it skims the surface.

    span- If the bridge spans meet, they come together.

    contribution- If you help your family reach its goal, you make a contribution to your family.

    initiative- When you take initiative, you make the first step in doing something.

    midst- If you are in the midst of something,, you are in the middle of it.

    shabby- Shabby things look old and worn out.

    dazed- If you are dazed, you are confused and cannot think properly.

    elevated- Something that is elevated is lifted up.

    embarrass- If you embarrass someone, you make that person feel uncomfortable or ashamed.

    collapses- When something collapses, it falls down because it is not well supported.

    Lesson 7

    "Aero and Officer Mike"

    babble- If you babble, you say words that cannot be understood.

    suspicious- If you think someone cannot be trusted, you are suspicious of him or her.

    accompany- When you accompany someone, you go someplace with him or her.

    competent- If you are competent, you’re good at what you are doing.

    scent- A scent is what something smells like.

    wanders- A person who wanders travels without planning where he or she is going.

    whined- If someone or something whined, it gave a long, high cry.

    obey- When you obey, you do what you are told to do.

    demonstrate- When you demonstrate something, you show how it works or how it is done.

    patrol- People patrol an area when they go through it with the purpose of guarding it.

    Lesson 8

    "How Animals Talk"

    charging- If an animal is charging, it is rushing or moving quickly towards something or someone.

    ferocious- A ferocious animal looks angry and wild.

    dominant- If someone or something is the strongest, it is dominant.

    conflict- If two animals are fighting, they are in a conflict.

    communicate- When two people or animals communicate, they share information.

    flick- When you flick something, you move it or snap it quickly.

    alert- If you alert people to something, you get their attention and let them know to be careful.

    signal- A signal is a sound or an action that sends a message.

    chatter- When animals chatter, they repeat their sounds quickly.

    groom- When an animal grooms itself, it makes itself neat and clean.

    Lesson 9

    "Stone Soup"

    dense- When something is made of things that are very close together, it is dense.

    reaction- A response to something that happens is a reaction.

    ingredients - Ingredients are all the foods and spices that you use to make a certain kind of food.

    gracious- When you try to make a guest comfortable in your home, you are being gracious.

    famine- When there is a famine, there is not enough food to feed everyone.

    generous- People who are generous are happy to share with others.

    curiosity- Something that is called a curiosity is something odd or unusual that interests people.

    gaze- A gaze is a long look at something.

    agreeable- Something that is agreeable is pleasing to the senses.

    banquet- If you are going to a banquet, you are going to a special meal that will have a large amount of food.

    Lesson 10

    "The Case of the Three Bears’ Breakfast"

    investigate- When you investigate something, you try to find out the truth about it.

    expert- An expert is someone who knows a lot about a certain job.

    laboratory- A place where experiments are done is a laboratory.

    various- When there are various objects, there are objects of different types.

    suspect- When you suspect someone of doing something; you think that person has done it.

    confess- When you confess, you tell the truth about something you did wrong.

    perplexed- When you are perplexed about something, you are confused about it.

    inquisitive- If you are inquisitive about something, you are curious about it.

    inviting- If something looks inviting, you want to take part in it or have something to do with it.

    amusing- If something is fun or funny, it is amusing.


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