• NA Google Apps


    The North Allegheny School District provides Gmail services to students in grades sixth through twelve. The Gmail service will be integrated with their pre-existing North Allegheny Google Apps for Education account.

    NA Gmail Features

    • Ability to safely send/receive emails with fellow students and teachers.
    • Ability to sync your district Gmail account with your personal smart phone or tablet devices or District assigned device.
    • Integration with our NA Google Apps for Education environment, enabling students and staff the ability to receive notifications and alerts.
    • All NA Gmail traffic is safely monitored, secured and archived.

    Things You Need to Know:

    All district email is safely archived for both security and legal purposes and can be reviewed at anytime by authorized district personnel.

    The purpose of using the NA Gmail service with our students is strictly for academic purposes and should be treated as such.

    Responsible Use Policies: