• PFA of Franklin Elementary

    PFA Executive Board 2021-2022

    Kelly Ross & Danielle Pisani 
    Vice President Amy Kappel  FranklinPFA@gmail.com

    Allyson Sweeney & Ruwani Weck 

    Secretary                      Dominique Wawrykow FranklinPFA@gmail.com
    Website/Communications/Coordinator Karuna Kumar         FranklinPFA@gmail.com



    Thank you for your interest in the Franklin Elementary Parent Faculty Association (PFA)! Please follow the link below to the best resource for valuable PFA news and information, available right at your fingertips.  No more searching for the papers, it’s all easily accessible from wherever you are.

    You are one click away from becoming a part of vibrant and caring community. There are so many opportunities to serve with your time and resources at Franklin Elementary. We invite you to join us and make a difference.