English as a Second Language for Kindergarten
    New letter sound: 
    All letter sounds:
    M, S, R, A, T, N, P, C, I, D, O, G, F, E, B, K, U, L, H, W, X, V, J, Y, Z, Q,  
    sh, ch, ck, th
    New sight word:
    who, out
    All sight words:
    I, a, my, the, go, was, to, like, he, and, come, here, this, said, me, for,
    where, do, of, play, look, you, one, see,  what, two, up, down, friend, we, want, 
    who, out, any, are, they, she, good, there
    Starfall - practice letters, sounds, and vocabulary
    Picture Match - practice letter sounds and vocabulary
    Phonics Play - practice blending and vocabulary


Last Modified on March 18, 2019