• Lewis and Clark Project


    Project Explanation: You will choose one person on the Lewis and Clark expedition and create a journal from that person’s point of view.  The journal will include written entries,descriptions and pictures of some of the discoveries.


    Project Requirements:

    A. Journal Entries

              1. before the trip

              2. after the first few days of trip

              3. the middle of the trip

              4. trip back home

    B. Pictures and explanations

              1. Species found by Lewis and Clark

    ·       Include one of each: mammal, bird, reptile, and plant



    ·       Include a picture of each species (clip art or hand drawn) and a 2 – 3 sentence description ofthe species in your own words.


    2.Native American Tribes

    ·       Research one of the tribes that the expedition came into contact with.

    o  Use the www.pbs.org/lewisandclark site

    ·       Include wherethis tribe is located and some background information about the tribe.

    ·       Includeinformation about how the tribe helped the members of the expedition or did nothelp.  Were they friendly?  Did they offer them supplies, shelter,directions? 


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