English Language Arts

    * It is important for kindergarteners to be able to recognize the upper and lower case letters and produce the letter sounds! *


    m, s, r, a, t, n, p, c, i, d, o, g, f,

    e, b, k, u, l, h, w, x, v, j, y, z, q


    Our current letters
    Week of 11/11/19:  Oo
    I, a, my, the, go, was, to, like, he, and, come, here, this, said, me, for, where, do, of, you, look, one, see, what, two, up, down, friend, we, want, out, who, any, are, they, she, good, there, give, little, that, have
    Our current sight word(s)
            Week of 11/11/19:  like, he
    Please have your child practice reading their sight words EVERY day! :)
    Our current Silly Sentence Sequences
    (sent home at the beginning of the year)
     K3-E and K3-F


    Important Skills We Are Working On In Class!
    1. Letter/Sound recognition
    2. Putting together and breaking apart syllables/sounds
    3. Rhyming                  
    4. Identifying the beginning sound
    5. Writing the sounds that you hear in a word (kid-spelling)
    6. Putting space between our words