• Inquiry lab wrap-up:

    You will need to respond to the following questions in paragraph form emailed to BAllen@northallegheny.org 

    Hand written and print-outs will not be accepted.

    1.      What is the difference between diffusion and osmosis, which do you think was the driving force in the change on day one with the gummy bear?


    2.      Describe the situation in the cup and in thebear in both days of the experiment…

    Example: There were more of substance A inthe water and more of substance B in the bear….This resulted in Substance____going from ______ to ________, but on the second say I changed the experimentso that……..



    3.      Provide an explanation for the appearance of the bear on both days of results gathering, be sure to include comparisons to at least THREE other groups data/results.



    4.      Create a graph showing the changes in your bear on the first trial (water) as well as those of the other groups that you shared data with. Be sure to use a graph format and scale that shows the differences between results clearly. http://www.ehow.com/how_6245762_create-graph-excel.html


    5.      Please outline your Inquiry lab i.e. problem, hypothesis, materials, procedure, data, results, validation (from collaborating with other scientists), and conclusion.
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