• Here is the list of high-frequency words for the year. The robust vocabualry is not tested, it is an just an introduction to more complex words.  

    High-Frequency WordsRobust Vocabulary

    Review of letter sounds and kindergarten words.
    Lesson 1help, let's, nowbothered, distance, form, attention, perform, supportive
    Lesson 2in, too, no,nearby, fright, escape, cram, solution, strategy
    Lesson 3so, hold, get, home, soonsensed, especially, memorize, capacity, proud, haul
    Lesson 4late, oh, yespouted, ambled, politely, routine, considerate, unexpected
    Lesson 5find, much, thankhorrible, invigorated, presented, sweltering, aid, persistent
    Lesson 6how, make, of, somecommotion, muffle, overflowing, symbol, search, locate
    Lesson 7day, eat, first, said, time, wasodor, assemble, consume, enthusiastic, chorus, shoved
    Lesson 8don't, her, line, Mr., new, says, waterapplauded, chatty, gather,duty, envy, resent
    Lesson 9does, many, be, grow, live, fooddine, claimed, nutritious, classify, function, groaned
    Lesson 10your, arms, every, school, head, feet, use, waymused, ashamed, superb, awkward, soared, athletic
    Lesson 11animals, cold, fish, from, their, under, verynuzzled, pranced, raging, adapt, intriguing, inhabit
    Lesson 12came, could, gold, happy, made, night, saw, werereward, handsomely, cruel, greedy, consequences, regret
    Lesson 13air, fly, friends, grew, need, play, rain, watchdoubt, continue, transform, astonishing, examine, devour
    Lesson 14again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, sayreassure, pace, energetic, excel, approached, blunder
    Lesson 15about, books, family, name, people, read, work, writingcozily, interrupted, admire, ambition, triumphantly, accomplishment
    Lesson 16cow's,always, join, nice, please, room, byrelax, mercy, captured, struggling, amiable, compatible
    Lesson 17buy, carry, money, other, paint, paper, wouldrejoice, unthinkable, predicament, extraordinary, agreement, unnoticed
    Lesson 18three, surprise, pretty, our, mouse, over,bulged, command, argue, jostled, labored, wary
    Lesson 19dear, door, hurry, mother, should, sky, toldrapidly, gullible, devious, hastily, courteous, unreasonable
    Lesson 20four, dry, cool, holes, move, place, warmbitterly, chided, realized, grumbling, dwelling, amusement
    Lesson 21around, found, gone, hears, might, near, open, tireddevoted, overjoyed, alarmed, mysterious, sympathy, sensitive
    Lesson 22because, light, right, those, walkedincident, gradual, downpour, seek, oblivious, indecisive
    Lesson 23brown, hello, pulled, loudly, love, cityasserted, retorted, congregate, offended, congenial, cheerful
    Lesson 24become, busy, eyes, remembered, high, listen, talk, visitorjoy, pleased, puzzling, unrelenting, probing, stammered
    Lesson 25clear, kinds, hair, only, color, toes, good-byepeaceful, variety, incredible, deserve, usually, typical
    Lesson 26climbed, thought, fooling, earth, tablepale, affectionate,similar, shadowy, imaginative, fondly
    Lesson 27answered, baby, done, heard, pools, pushed, togetherwailed, hopeless, lonesome, quivered, scattered, elated
    Lesson 28able, almost, blue, great, poured, took, traveledproperly, arrived, anticipate, familiar, numerous, vibrant
    Lesson 29boy, building, tomorrow, toward, welcomingwriggle, prickly, interested, cooperative, construct, assist
    Lesson 30any, front, nothing, ready, sorryseized, tiresome, tremendous, exhausted, outrageous, patient