• Morning Solo
    Dear orchestra parents and students,
              Beginning next week we can start Morning Solos at McKnight Elementary.    Morning Solos are for students in grades 4 - 5 and provides them with an opportunity to play a prepared song for classmates as they enter the school.   
              It is also a nice chance for students to share their love of music with others and does not take up time at the winter concert.  This allows many students to play a solo that normally would not get a chance.  
             All students are encouraged to try for a morning solo but must meet the requirements below.  This opportunity is for the students that show up to class with their materials, come prepared, and try their best.  
    Morning Solo requirements:
    • Students must have attended all their lessons. 
    • Students practice cards should've been signed each week from the beginning of the school year to present.
    • Students should be taking their instruments and materials home each day.   
    • Solo must be prepared ahead of time.  They should pick a song that they feel comfortable playing, challenges them, and played with a good tone.  
    • We will have morning solo time during each orchestra rehearsal.  If they feel prepared at that time they can play it for the entire group orchestra. If a student is unable to play a solo at that time, they can try again the following week after more preparation.  
    • Students should be able to get dropped off early to school by a parent or guardian.   

             If they meet the requirements above, I will give them a date and time that they can arrive early to school and play their solo.  Most students should arrive around 8:35 and we will start playing at 8:45 as students are getting off the bus.   


    I look forward to hearing some beautiful solos,

    Mr. Morton 




Last Modified on October 11, 2019