• Third Grade Robust Vocabulary Words:  Theme 1

    Lesson 1
    Ruby the Copycat

    pleasant- something that is pleasant is enjoyable and makes you happy.

    coincidence- a coincidence is when two things happen that seem to fit together but are not connected.

    modeled-  if you modeled something, you showed it so that other people could see it.

    loyal-  someone who is loyal stands by you in good times and bad.

    recited-  if you recited something, you memorized it and then spoke it aloud.

    murmur-  when people murmur, they speak so softly that they can hardly be heard.

    trudged-  if you walked slowly as though your feet were stuck in mud, you trudged.

    frustrated- when you try and try to do something and cannot, then you might feel frustrated.

    imitated-  if you copied what someone did or said, you imitated him or her.

    gushed- when you were excited about something and talked a lot about it, you gushed.

        Lesson 2
    The Day Eddie Met the Author

    assembly-  an assembly is a group of people who have gathered for a reason.

    plenty-  if you have plenty of something, you have more than enough.

    dismiss-  to dismiss is to give permission to leave.

    squirmed- if you squirmed in your seat, you kept wriggling around as if you were uncomfortable.

    patchwork-  patchwork is cloth made by sewing together small pieces of different fabrics.

    autographed- if you autographed something, you signed your name on it.

    conquer- when you conquer something, such as a problem or a fear, you win against it and over come it.

    resistance- when you feel resistance, you do not want something to happen.

    ponder- when you ponder, you take time to think about an idea.

    anticipation- when you feel anticipation, you feel excited because something is about to happen.

        Lesson 3
    Schools Around the World

    chore- chores are small jobs that you need to do but may not enjoy.

    certain- a certain thing is one particular thing.

    resource- resources are materials, money, and other things that can be used.

    culture- a culture is made up of a group’s customs and traditions.

    tutor-  a tutor is someone who helps another person with schoolwork.

    uniform- uniforms are clothes that all the people in a group wear so they are dressed alike.

    proper- something that is proper is the way it is supposed to be, or correct.

    boarding- when you are boarding someone, you are giving that person a place to live for a while.

    literacy- literacy is the ability to read and write.

    diverse- if a group of things is diverse, then the individual things in the group are different from each other.    Lesson 4
    Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut

    talented- a talented person has the special ability to do something very well.

    apply- when you apply for a job, you are asking for work.

    research- research involves getting information about a question or topic.

    invention- an invention is something completely new that someone has made.

    hinder- when you hinder someone, you make it difficult or impossible for them to do something.

    disappointed- you are disappointed if you are unhappy about the way something turned out.

    persevere- you persevere when you keep trying to do something without giving up.

    confidence- if you are sure that everything will work out, you have confidence.

    ambitious- an ambitious person is eager to reach a goal.

    attain- when you reach a goal, you attain it.    Lesson 5
    The School News

    viewers- viewers are people who watch something.

    survive- to survive is to remain alive, even after great difficulties.

    camouflage- when something has camouflage, it blends into its surroundings.

    concealed- something that is concealed is covered up so it can’t be seen.

    independent- a person who is independent is someone who does things on his or her own.

    donated- something that has been donated has been given away for free.

    media- the many ways that people communicate, including newspapers, magazines, and television, are all part of the media.

    feature- when reporters do a special report on a topic, the report is called a feature.

    image- an image is a picture of something or someone.

    popular- something that is popular is something that many people like.

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