•  This is the weekly update for the week of November 18th.  Every Wednesday is WHOLE GROUP ORCHESTRA.  Students should bring their instruments on Wednesday, as well as the day of their lesson. On Thursday, we are wearing blue to support "Child's Grief Awareness" day.


    In ELA, we will read and discuss lesson 11, "Loved Best." We will discuss plot, problem and solution, and possessive nouns.  The spelling and grammar tests will be this Thursday.  The reading and vocabulary tests will be on Friday.


    In math this week, we will continue chapter 4, which looks at multiplication.  We will test chapter 4 before the Thanksgiving break.  Every student will be switched over to multiplication on Reflex Math soon.  So, students should still continue to practice their addition and subtraction to help with fact fluency.


    In social studies, we will discuss the magazine,"People and the Environment."   ALL OF THE MATERIALS FOR THE UNIT, INCLUDING THE MAGAZINE AND ANY PAPERS, MUST STAY IN THE ACCORDION BINDER UNTIL THE END OF THE UNIT!! 



    Required: *4 sharpened pencils

                     *1 red pen


                     *24 pack of crayons

                     *colored pencils

                     *non-permanent markers

                     *pencil box/zippered bag

                     *4 glue sticks


                     *5-pocket accordian-style/expandable folder

                     *2 extra large book covers

                     *1 box of tissues (for classroom)



    Optional:   *pencil sharpener

                      *2-3 dry erase markers







Last Modified on November 18, 2019