• Super Sack
    The Super Sack is a very important part of our daily opening activities in kindergarten.  Each child in our class will have several opportunities during the year to bring the Super Sack home! Here is how it works:
    When your child brings the Super Sack home, they should choose ONE special item to put into the sack to bring back to class THE NEXT DAY!.
    Your child also needs to bring 3 clues to share with the class about what is in the sack (you can write these for your child and the teacher can read them or your child can memorize their clues).
    During calendar times, we will sing the Super Sack song.  The child with the Super Sack will give their 3 clues about what is in the sack and will take guesses from the class about what is in the Super Sack.  The child reveals what is in the super sack  and then answers questions from the class about the item!  The class then gives compliments to the person with the Super Sack.
    The Super Sack is designed to help the children get to know each other and help make the children feel comfortable in front of a group.  Questioning skills are reinforced as well as prediction.  Another goal is to build self-esteem via compliments from classmates and the satisfaction of being able to speak in front of a group.