Some AM Guidelines:
    Please be lined up outside by 11:40 and have your dashboard sign placed in a prominent position on your dashboard (Extra signs are available upon request. There's no need to move them from car to car!). Parents with yellow signs should park in a single file line along the yellow curb (school side) that runs along the school side of the street. 
    Pull your car all the way forward during kindergarten pick-up. The very first car in line should be in line with the very end of the building – at least down to the fire hydrant at the end of the lane. All of the other cars should be “bumper to bumper” in line (no big gaps please!). This will help to ensure that the kindergartners in the middle and end of the line don’t have to walk so far.

    Please also remember to stay in your cars during Kindergarten pick-up (Yes, even when it’s raining!)
    The confusion of having extra adults around tends to actually slowdown the process rather than speed it up.
    Please do not leave your vehicle unattended for any reason. Students should be able to enter their vehicles from the side of the car closest to where their carpool line is dismissing.
    For safety reasons, please DO NOT pull around any cars in the line that are loading children. Each line should leave in a single file of cars!

    If you are delayed, please call the office. Your child will be waiting for you in the office area. Please may sign your child out with the secretary.