• Recommendation Procedure for Mr. Tengowski: 

    One of the main things about being a teacher of mainly juniors at NASH is to write letters of recommendation. I am very happy to write former/present students a letter of recommendation, however one of the main problems about writing over 50 letters/year is that there are many issues that arise within the letter of recommendation process. In order to improve the efficiency of the letter writing process and to eliminate any mistakes that occurred in the past, I have compiled some general rules that I would appreciate followed if/when you ask me for a letter of recommendation.

    1.       You must ask me in person.

    Don't send e-mails, voicemails, or text messages (unless you are getting a jump on things over the summer, in which case email is acceptable).  If you ask the person face-to-face, you demonstrate how much you value their time and indicate the significance you place on their help.  In addition, take time to go see the individual – don’t shout a request while passing in the hallway between classes. For the summer months, it is acceptable to write an email and then come and see me in Room 314 on the first day of school. Once you get approval from me then we can continue down the path of recommendations.

    2.       Ask early - We all have things to do.

    The standard amount of time for writing a letter of recommendation is approximately two (2) months before your applications are due. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!! There is a level of responsibility on your part! I have many recommendations to write and especially if they are early action please get them to me ASAP. 

    3.       Provide everything that I need to write the letter.

    You can download my Letter of Recommendation form at the top of the page. DO NOT give me the sheet that you filled out for the school counseling office or some other form. My form is a necessity for a letter to be written. You are allowed/encouraged to give me a “resume” of personal information that will allow me to personalize and try to make you "stand out" as a potential candidate to this university. Certain schools require specific forms for letters of recommendation.   Fill in what information you are able yourself – there is no reason I have to write the school name, address, school code, etc. when you can do it.  Many schools now use the common application.  Make sure to invite me to the common application and then send an email to me that I have been invited... If I am to send letters out via the US Postal Service please have all forms, self-addressed stamped envelopes, and anything else that I need to send out these recommendations. 

    4.       Waive your right to read the letter at a later time.

    I will be up front and honest with you... I only write positive letters. If the letter I am going to write is not positive then I will tell you that. If the school asks you to waive you're right to read the letter do it. It is in bad form to "checkup" on the content of the letter that you asked me for. Make sure to do the same with respect to the Common Application. 

    5.        I do not hand letters of recommendation to anyone.
    My letters go out in the mail. You will never touch them. No one in the guidance office will touch them. Everything goes through me. 
    6.        Scholarships

    A majority of reference letters are completed in the fall whereas scholarship letters are typically handled in the spring. Do not assume that just because I wrote you one in the fall that I will write you one in the Spring. Make sure to check in with me again if the letter needs to be changed for a scholarship. It usually is not a problem. 

Last Modified on July 3, 2013