Dear Parents and Guardians,          apple picture
    Welcome to this Kindergarten School year!

    I would like to share with you my behavior management system for our classroom.  I have incorporated a visual behavior plan that will help remind them to always do their best and to make our classroom a safe learning environment.


    This behavior plan is designed that all students will start each day fresh and positive in the Green Zone where they are ‘good to go’. If they choose not to follow our rules, I will give them one verbal warning. If I have to remind them again, they move to the Yellow Zone where they will learn that they need to ‘slow down and think about their words or actions’.  If they are still not following our classroom rules, they will be moved to the Red Zone where they will ‘stop their wrong behavior’ (they may lose 5 minutes of recess or return to their seats for a brief time out) AND you will receive a note from me that will need to be signed and returned.  I have also found that sometimes, students on yellow will improve their behavior and are able to end the day back on green which will reinforce the positive behavior that we expect from them.  Those students that are able to stay in the green zone for the morning then earn a star on their individual star chart at the end of the morning.  Once their star chart is filled up, they get to shop in my prize treasure chest.  This can be repeated multiple times throughout the year if they are showing 'Super Star' behavior. 



    Our classroomrules are:

    1.We will listen to and follow directions.


    2.We will raise our hand and wait to be called on before speaking.


    3.We will keep our hands, feet and belongs to ourselves.


    4.We will always use kind words and actions towards others.


    5.We walk at all times quietly in the classroom and hallway.



    I will introduce this plan the first day of school with the children when we talk about the school rules and the consequences they have when they disregard them. Please feel free to talk to them at home and to reinforce positive choices and behaviors at school.  Please do not forget to ask your child if they earned their star today in class!


Last Modified on August 28, 2017