Many kindergarteners have been learning how to tie their shoes at home.   So, in kindergarten, we’re getting ready to be starting our “Terrific Tying” wall of shoe tying fame.  If your child would like to earn a spot on the wall of fame, here’s the scoop. . .


     When your child can tie his orher shoes (completely without help of any type), please have them wear their tie shoes to school on a TuesdayOn Tuesdays, the kids that have learned to tie their shoes will have a chance to show off their shoe tying skills to the teacher.  If they are able to show that they can tie their shoes independently, their name will be added to our terrific tying wall of fame!  Friends added to the “Wall of Fame” will be able to help other kids tie their shoes in class if they would like as well (the kids all love to help!) 



    ** This activity is, of course, optional; shoe tying is a skill learned at home.  We want to encourage this skill since it’s such an important one for kids to learn.  Please find some helpful poems and tips below. 


     Shoe Tying Poem – “teepee style”




    Make a teepee (Laces look like a teepee),


    Come inside (bring lace around and through),


    Pull it tight so we can hide (pull both laces tight).




    Make a mountain (make a loop with one string),


    Around you go (wrap other lace around),


    Tuck it through,


    and there’s your bow.








    Colored Laces Shoe Tying Poem


    (one lace needs to be red,one yellow)




    Red lace, yellow lace,look what you can do,


    Put a smile upon your faceand learn to tie your shoes.




    Red lace, yellow lace, here’s how you begin,


    Make an “X” but leave a space to poke the red lace in.




    Red lace, yellow lace, hold the laces straight,


    Pull them till they’re snug and tight, WOW you’re doing great!




    With the Red lace make aloop,


    A sturdy loop that doesn’t droop.




    Hold it, hold it. .. don’t let go,


    Soon you’ll have a fancy bow.




    But just one loop will never do,


    The yellow lace should have one too.




    Then once around the yellow goes and out the other side,


    A simple twist that looks like this, your shoe is almost tied.




    Now slip your fingers in the loops and pull the laces tight,


    Gently tug until they’re snug, until they feel just right.




    Red and yellow colored laces,


    Tied up in their proper places.




    Once you know the shoe lace rhyme,


    You’ll tie your laces every time!






    Shoe Tying Poem – “bunny style”


    You take one lace and make a loop
    take the other lace and make another bunny ear.
    fold one under the other and viola! Tied shoes.






    Shoe Tying Song


    (Sung to Splish Splash I was taking a Bath)


    Criss Cross and go under the bridge
    Then you got to pull it tight.
    Make a loop but keep a long tail
    That is how to do it right
    Then you take the other string
    and you wrap it 'round the loop
    Pull it through the hole
    Now you got the scoop!




    And, for those doubleknots. . .


     (which kindergarten teachers love to see!) 




    Criss Cross and go under the bridge (this is where you tie the loops together)
    Now you made a Double Knot!!






Last Modified on October 17, 2012