• All missed classes should be made up during each nine week (PE deparment will allow you to miss 1 per nine weeks but I recommend that you make up all classes missed).  If you miss a class for any reason (Illness, Sport, Goal, Absence), you are required to make up a class that meets the same goals of the class. SPORT IS NOT AN EXCUSE OUT OF PE.
    If you miss a class, you can make one up by:
    1.  After school make-ups:  You must arrange with me ahead of time a day after school that you would like to  make up class.  You will complete an activity similar to what was completed in class.

      Study Hall:  You can make up a class during a study hall by making an appointment with me and by having the study hall teacher write you a note to class for the period.
    3.  Out of School Events:  If you complete a timed race or event that has documented results (i.e. 5K, 10K races, Half Marathons, Bike Races,  Crossfit Competitions, Triathlons) I will accept that in lieu of a PE make-up
    4Strava or other Fitness Tracking Apps/Websites:  This option needs to be discussed with me first.  You should share your information with me so I can access it on the web.
    5All Fitness Test (Strength, Cardio) needs to have an appointment made before completing.   
Last Modified on June 17, 2014