• Harcourt Learning Site


    Have access to interactive learning activities that correlate with the chapters of each grade level math textbook at the Harcourt Learning site. For the first use, a Sign In screen will appear. At this link the password for All Users is "luckie". Typing in your school name is optional but you MUST select the state of Pennsylvania. We recommend that you check theSave Password Option so there will be no need to sign in the next time this site is visited.


    Go Harcourt Learning Site.

    Next you will see a Sign In form. The Password for all users is: luckie

    You do not need to enter your school name, but you must use the drop-down menu to select
    the state of Pennsylvania. Choose Use at Home. The Save Password Option should be checked. |
    This will allow you to not sign in the next time you log on.Click on the Cat graphic, where it says Explore.

    Select your grade level from the left hand column and you will see reinforcement activities
    for each chapter of that grade level'sMath Book. Underneath the picture , you can select
    the Glossaryof Math Terms for each grade level), the E-Lab (Interactive Math Problems
    with Printable pages for grades 3-5), That's a Fact!, (Practice Addition, Subtraction,
    Multiplication, and Division Facts), and even listen to Math Jingles (Songs about Math Concepts).

    When you select your grade level, you will see the different activities under each chapter.
    Just click on the Blue Underlined Link and it will take you to the activity. Also, to see how the activity connects to the classroom instruction, click on the Parent and Teacher View located
    between the two lines under the grade level and picture.

    On this page, besides the explanation of the
    activity and its mathematical concept, there are
    printable pages of activities to do at home.
    Also, through the Webliography, you can link to other Math sites for many more activities.

    There are even more math web sites back on the main North Allegheny Elementary Math Resources page.

    Have Fun Learning and Exploring!