• Harcourt eProducts

    Harcourt eProducts allows access to yourchild's Harcourt Mathematics textbook on-line. Not only are the book pages available, but alsointeractive quick reviews, practice links, and online tutorials. At the login screen enter the username and password.

    Your child's Username is "na" followed by their student ID as in "na123456". Your child's password is their student ID. EX: User Name: na123456 Password: 123456

    Click on the link where it says "Go to the Online eBook." The second link for the online assessment is not available for home access at the present time.


    Accessing the Elementary Math Textbook On-Line


    Go Harcourt eProducts.

    Type in your child's Username and Password. The Username is “na” and their student ID.
    The Password is the student ID only. Ex. Username: na123456 Password: 123456.
    Then Click on Login.


    After you login, you child's name will appear in the upper left hand corner. This is marked by the oval.
    You will have two links appear on the screen. To see all of the pages in the student book, click on the link below the book entitled, Go to the Online eBook.
    The second link is for the online assessment link.
    This is not a functioning site for home access at this time.


    Your next screen will show the cover of the student book and the Grade level in Red.
    In order to interact with all of the activities that are related to the pages in the student book,
    the plug-ins that are in the oval need to be available on your computer.
    If you do not have them, you may download the plug-ins for free by clicking the different icons.

    IMPORTANT: You must allow pop-ups from this site for proper access.


    Click on the Contents Tab.

    Then, click on the arrow that pointing to the Chapter or Unit to see the page links listed under the chapter.

    Click on the link to download the page.


    To see the rest of the page, use the scroll bar on the right hand side.

    All of the links to activities are in the left hand column. To activate them, just click on the blue underlined links.

    Warm Up Activities allow your child to see the Quick Review and the Problem of the Day. (Quick Review is interactive and the Problem of the Day is not interactive.)

    The Practice links provide problems that your child can use to complete on the computer, use similar to a text as they complete homework problems on paper, or access the links under the title, Activities.


    In the links marked, Practice On Your Own, Show Me and Try These, and Intervention, you will see pop-up windows which will have your child move from one screen to another by clicking on the arrow in the bottom right hand corner when it turns from blue to orange.


    To see the Vocabulary that goes with this lesson, click on the links under Vocabulary and a pop-up window will be shown providing an animated definition.


    To move to the next page or return to a previous page, use the arrows under the tabs of Content and Book Pages.

    Never use the Back Button on your Internet Browser to move through the pages.


    Another way to quickly move to other Chapters and Lessons is to use the pull-down menu bar at the top. Click on the arrow in the Chapter window and highlight the chapter you want to go to. Then, click on the arrow in Lesson window. This will give you each lesson in the Chapter. Once the desired Chapter and Lesson are selected, click on GO, and it will take you to those pages.


    If you want to go the original page here you first saw your grade level book, click on Home. If you have any questions, click on Help. When you are finished working in the student book, you can log-out by clicking
    on Log-out.