• To access the social studies magazines, follow the directions below.

    1.  Login to Tiger  ID.
    2.  Tap on the Ed icon.  (It is a gray with a smiley face on the icon.)
    3.  There is an arrow on the left hand side beside the title American History: Reconstruction to the Present.  Tap on the arrow.  Select G5:  Intro Social Studies:  American History.
    4.  This will take you to the grade 5 magazines.  There are arrows on either side of the magazines that allow you to scroll.  Our curriculum begins with magazine 7.
    5.  Tap on the magazine we are studying.I
    If you cannot open the magazine, go to settings and tap on Safari.  Once you tap on Safari, find the radio button that says Block Pop-ups.  Turn that radio button off.  (When it is off, it will NOT be green.
Last Modified on September 20, 2018