Anthology: Main Story

    High-Frequency Words

    Robust Vocabulary

    Review of letter sounds and kindergarten words
    Lesson 1

    Let's Tap

    who, help, let's, nowbothered, distance, form, attention, perform, supportive
    Lesson 2

    The Van

    in, too, no, looknearby, fright, escape, cram, solution, strategy
    Lesson 3

    Big Rigs

    so, hold, get, home, soon, now, let'ssensed, especially, memorize, capacity, proud, haul
    Lesson 4

    Get Up, Rick!

    late, oh, yes, too, a, havepouted, ambled, politely, routine, considerate, unexpected
    Lesson 5

    Dot and Bob

    find, much, thank, help, no, what, do goodhorrible, invigorated, presented, sweltering, aid, persistent
    Lesson 6


    how, make, of, some, finds, where, she, for, upcommotion, muffle, overflowing, symbol, search, locate
    Lesson 7

    Little Red Hen Gets Help

    what, make, the, day, eat, first, said, time, wasodor, assemble, consume, enthusiastic, chorus, shoved
    Lesson 8

    Beth's Job

    do, sees, he, the, thanks, now, don't, her, line, Mr., new, says, waterapplauded, chatty, gather,duty, envy, resent
    Lesson 9

    Plants Can't Jump

    find, make, how, much, does, many, be, grow, live, food, some, thanksdine, claimed, nutritious, classify, function, groaned
    Lesson 10

    Soccer Song

    your, arms, every, school, head, feet, use, waymused, ashamed, superb, awkward, soared, athletic
    Lesson 11

    Land of Ice

    lives, was, now, animals, cold, fish, from, their, under, verynuzzled, pranced, raging, adapt, intriguing, inhabit
    Lesson 12

    King Midas and His Gold

    was, too, now, came, could, gold, happy, made, night, saw, werereward, handsomely, cruel, greedy, consequences, regret
    Lesson 13

    A Butterfly Grows

    be, grow, was, air, fly, friends, grew, need, play, rain, watchdoubt, continue, transform, astonishing, examine, devour
    Lesson 14

    Mark's Big Day

    cold, play, says, her, again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, sayreassure, pace, energetic, excel, approached, blunder
    Lesson 15

    Tomas Rivera

    find, too, happy, house, about, books, family, name, people, read, work, writingcozily, interrupted, admire, ambition, triumphantly, accomplishment
    Lesson 16

    One More Friend

    now, oh, out, friends, cow's, no, by, always, join, nice, please, roomrelax, mercy, captured, struggling, amiable, compatible
    Lesson 17

    Can Elephants Paint?

    would, soon, make, family, join, animals, buy, carry, money, other, paint, paperrejoice, unthinkable, predicament, extraordinary, agreement, unnoticed
    Lesson 18

    Snow Surprise

    eat, day, play, three, tree, surprise, pretty, our, mouse, over, ontobulged, command, argue, jostled, labored, wary
    Lesson 19

    Little Rabbit's Tale

    would, nice, mouse, always, dear, door, hurry, mother, should, sky, toldrapidly, gullible, devious, hastily, courteous, unreasonable
    Lesson 20

    Ways People Live

    sky, would, hurry, other, over, four, dry, cool, holes, move, place, warmbitterly, chided, realized, grumbling, dwelling, amusement
    Lesson 21

    Flake, the Missing Hamster

    warm, cool, over, our, mother, told, around, found, gone, hears, might, near, open, tireddevoted, overjoyed, alarmed, mysterious, sympathy, sensitive
    Lesson 22

    We're Going on a Picnic

    warm, cool, should, near, because, light, right, those, walkedincident, gradual, downpour, seek, oblivious, indecisive
    Lesson 23

    On Saturday

    brown, warm, hello, pulled, around, loudly, walked, love, found, open, cityasserted, retorted, congregate, offended, congenial, cheerful
    Lesson 24

    Mystery of the Night Song

    light, gone, tired, loudly, found, open, become, busy, eyes, remembered, high, listen, talk, visitorjoy, pleased, puzzling, unrelenting, probing, stammered
    Lesson 25

    Amazing Animals

    because, love, visitor, clear, kinds, hair, only, color, toes, good-byepeaceful, variety, incredible, deserve, usually, typical
    Lesson 26

    Blast Off!

    climbed, thought, listen, fooling, only, clear, earth, loudly, tablepale, affectionate,similar, shadowy, imaginative, fondly
    Lesson 27

    Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal

    kinds, hear, remembered, eyes, clear, fooling, answered, baby, done, heard, pools, pushed, togetherwailed, hopeless, lonesome, quivered, scattered, elated
    Lesson 28

    At the Crayon Factory

    toes, pushed, kinds, thought, answered, able, almost, blue, great, poured, took, traveledproperly, arrived, anticipate, familiar, numerous, vibrant
    Lesson 29

    Sand Castle

    climbs, almost, push, pour, great, hears, boy, building, tomorrow, toward, welcomingwriggle, prickly, interested, cooperative, construct, assist
    Lesson 30

    Frog and Toad

    tomorrow, traveled, took, done, answered, any, front, nothing, ready, sorryseized, tiresome, tremendous, exhausted, outrageous, patient
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