• Mr. Polard's Grading Policy

    From the Desk of Mr. Polard…

     As the new school year begins it is important to know from the very beginning how grades will be determined in my classroom. I follow very closely the guidelines set by the North Allegheny School District.

                                                               A = 90-100%
                                                               B = 80-89.9%
                                                               C = 70-79.9%
                                                               D = 60-69.9%
                                                               E = below 60%

    Grades will be calculated by the point system. Each assignment will have a point value. The student’s score will be divided by the total points possible to determine the percentage score. To monitor progress, students should keep a continuous record of their earned points.

    The following items will be combined to determine the
    student’s grade:

    ·   Classwork / Homework
    ·   Projects
    ·   Labs
    ·   Tests and Quizzes

    Late assignments will be reduced 10% of the point value for each day that they are late. Assignments later than 5 days will receive a 50% and will still need to be completed.  (Missed homework checks can be made up for half credit.)

    The year-end final grade will be based upon the total points accumulated during the four marking periods compared to the total points
    possible for the year.

    I am looking forward to a very successful year. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me either by e-mail at cpolard@northallegheny.org or call me at school 412-348-1470.                                                                                                                            

    Mr. Polard

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    Mr. Polard’s grading policy and supply needs have been reviewed by the student and parents.


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