Bradford Woods Summer Reading Program 2019

    BWE Summer Reading Adventure


    All students at BWE are invited to participate in the Bradford Woods Summer Reading Program.  To participate, please follow the guidelines below:

    • Choose something that you will enjoy reading and you are able to read.  You may read your own books, library books, e-books, newspapers, magazines, even graphic novels.  Books that someone else reads to you or books that you listen to also count. Remember to read for fun! 

    • Write down the title and author of each book that you read inside your Summer Reading Folder.  If you need more space than is provided, please feel free to staple additional lists to the folder.  If you misplace your folder, you can print a new list on the Bradford Woods Library website – look for the link to the Summer Reading Program: 

    Summer Reading Folder


    • If you are looking for a list of good books, checkout the Summer Reading Suggestions on the Bradford Woods Elementary Library Page.  This page also contains links to other Summer Reading Programs at Northland Library and area bookstores.  Click here for a direct link to this page:

    Suggested Reading List for Elementary Students

    • At the end of the summer, choose the favorite book you read this summer.  Draw a picture from the book inside your Summer Reading Folder– it can be your favorite setting, character or even the subject of the book - and write a sentence under the picture, explaining what you drew.  Folders without pictures and sentences will not be accepted.

    • Bring your folder back to school by Friday, September 6 and hand it in to your homeroom teacher. 

    • We are looking for pictures of students reading this summer!  Either post a picture of you reading on Instagram with #bwesummershelfies, or email a picture to Mrs. Flaherty (mflaherty@northallegheny.org) or Mrs. Larry (tlarry@northallegheny.org).  Your picture will be shown on the morning announcements when we go back to school!

    This year, all participating students will be recognized for their efforts. If you turn in your folder signed and on time you will be guaranteed to win one of many cool “nonmaterial” prizes from the Bradford Woods staff!!

    Where Will Reading Take You This Summer?