• Big6 Research Model

    Step 1 -Task Definition
       1.1 Define the problem
       1.2 Identify the information requirements of the problem
    Step 2-Information Seeking Strategies 
       2.1 Determine the range of possible sources 
        2.2  Evaluate the different possible sources to determine priorities
    Step 3- Location and Access 
       3.1 Locate Sources 
       3.2  Find information within the sources 
    Step 4-Use of Information 
       4.1 Engage (read,hear,view,touch) the information in the source 
       4.3 Extract information from a source 
    Step 5- Synthesis: Putting it all together 
       5.1 Organize information from multiple sources 
       5.2  Create a product or performance 
    Step 6- Evaluation
       6.1 Judge the product or performance 
       6.2 Judge the information-solving process