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    Birthday Celebrations

    Children love to celebrate their birthdays! Please feel free to send in a treat to share with the class, there are 19 students in our room, 13 boys and 6 girls.  We encourage the students to bring in non-edible treats pencils, erasers, or small trinkets, or donate a board game to our class for indoor recess.  Also, I am happy to offer extra indoor/outdoor recess as a birthday treat to your child.  If you decide to bring a food treat please remember you must provide the nutrition and ingredient list at least 48 hours prior to distribution.  We love to celebrate children with summer birthdays too, usally we celebrate this as a half birthday from their birthdate.       

    **Please do not send birthday invitations to school for your child to pass out.  We ask that you mail them directly to  the child's home.  Due to confidentiality, I am not permitted to give you addresses of other students.  If you have a student directory you may find the student addresses in it. 

Last Modified on August 12, 2019