Hello!!  If you are reading this page, you probably just found out that I am your child's teacher!!!  I am so excited to meet you and your child!  We are going to have a great school year together! If you need to contact me with any questions or concerns, please email me at smodrovich@northallegheny.org.  I check my email everyday (yes, even in the summer!!)  In addition to the First Grade supply list which can be found on the Marshall Elementary homepage, please send in the following supplies. **** Please note on the supply list for First Grade it says, "No binders, bring earbuds".  You will need to bring 1 1-inch binder and headphones(over the ear), NO earbuds!! You can bring all supplies in on Curriculum Night or send them with your child. If possible, please bring the items listed below with you on Curriculum Night(Thursday, August 22nd).


    • 1 clear plastic “Sterilite” 6 Qt./5.7L shoe box with removable lid, (found at Target or Wal-Mart) without side “locks”. The containers that have the purple handles do not fit in the desks.  Please don't buy those ones.   Please label your child's name and 1B on the box. This box will be kept in your child's desk as his/her "drawer" and will house school supplies.  The box will be returned to you on the last day of school.   


    • 1  1-inch, three ring binder, any color. The binder must have an outside sleeve(so I can put a paper in it), inside pocket in the front and the back.  Please get the heavy duty clear view front and back kind. Print your child's name on the spine in permanent marker on each binder.  Please bring this binder with you on Curriculum Night.


    •   1 zipper pencil pouch, any color, with 3 holes to fit in the three ring binder, with see-through mesh compartment.
    •   1 plastic three ring folder with holes. Please put both the zipper pencil pouch and the plastic three ring folder inside binder.   
    Thank you very much!!!! 
Last Modified on August 29, 2019