This is a sampling of special projects, residencies, and collaborations with performing arts companies, artists, museums, and galleries that have enhanced the authentic arts experiences of students in North Allegheny School District.
    2011-2012 Ingomar Midddle School (IMS) students participated in creating a breathtaking tile mosaic, which was installed in the art area of IMS.
    I AM
    The Computer Multimedia Arts classes at North Allegheny Senior High School were commissioned by the District Administration and the Diversity/Unity Committee to create a movie about diversity and unity within the North Allegheny Community.
    Ben Kinsley
    In the Spring of 2011, Pittsburgh-based artist Ben Kinsley worked with North Allegheny Senior High School students to create site-specific artworks within the school. Students and teachers from several art, music, and writing classes worked with Kinsley to create several pieces, some of which are ongoing.
    Concert Videos
    In the Fall of 2008, students of the Computer Multimedia Arts classes at North Allegheny Senior High School created four-channel video works that interpreted or were inspired by orchestral and choral music. These works accompanied performances during the North Allegheny orchestra and choral concerts. Students carefully listened to, critically analyzed, and researched the music to develop the themes and style of the videos. Using this information, students worked in teams to plan, shoot, and edit these works.
    A collaborative experience with Squonk Opera involving the creation of "viral videos" that promoted Squonk's Astro-rama. Computer Multimedia Arts students at North Allegheny Senior High School created videos meant to be used within the performance itself, as well as part of a "viral" promotion campaign.
    The Perfect Circle
    The North Allegheny Visual Arts and Music Departments collaborated with Bodiography Contemporary Ballet to create a performance piece exploring the many different ways in which we perceive and understand.  The circle, being a significant figure within science, the arts, history and mathematics, served as the central theme of the performance expressing these ideas.
    On February 24, 2001, North Allegheny School District, The Fine Arts Coalition, Artists Image Resource, and Troika Ranch collaborated to create the multimedia performance CONNECT(DIS)CONNECT, which explored the challenges of human communication within the information age. The piece utilized "smart technology" that enabled blending of live music, dance, and drama with interactive video, music, and animation that responded to performers' every movements.
    The performance was the culmination of a week-long residency with Troika Ranch, a cooperative printmaking project with Artists Image Resource, and months of planning and creative contributions by hundreds of student artists and musicians.
    Carnegie International Exhibitions
    The North Allegheny Visual Arts Department has collaborated with the Carnegie Museum of Art in the development of educational programs, lessons, and materials for several Carnegie International exhibitions. Faculty members have served on an education advisory panel. Students have interviewed and teleconferenced with artists, posted online journals, created videos, met with curators, and acted as student docents. Thousands of North Allegheny students have visited and responded to the exhibits.
    Circus of the Arts
    The Circus of the Arts was a community celebration of the arts produced by the Fine Arts Coalition and the North Allegheny School District Visual Arts and Music Departments. The Circus took place in 1999 and 2000 at North Allegheny Senior High School, and featured a broad scope of performances, exhibits, and workshops presented by individual artists, performance groups, faculty members, university students, and high school students.