• Mrs.Marshall's Procedures and Policies

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    Take Home Folder
    Each student will be provided with a yellow take home folder. The students are expected to take home this folder every night. Please check this folder with your child for any important notes/assignments from 1C. The folder is labeled Home and School. Papers on the HOME side are to be kept at home. Papers located on the SCHOOL side are to be completed/signed at home and returned to school the following day.  Please keep an ongoing file of all papers at home for a reference. 

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    Missing Homework
    Homework will be uploaded weekly to my website under the homework section.  It is imperative to check your child's yellow folder nightly as homework is subject to change.  Students are expected to complete all homework for the following day unless otherwise noted. If your child does not have his/her homework, they will have the chance for 2 "misses" each grading period.  Following the 2nd miss, your child will join me at recess to completed the missed assignment.  For misses 1 and 2, a missed homework slip will be sent on the day your child misses their homework assignment.  I ask that parents please sign the homework slip and return it to school the following day with the completed assignment.  All homework and work in the classroom should be completed in pencil unless otherwise noted.
    *Please check Book-IT! section of website for specifics regarding monthly Book-IT! report homework assignment and requirements.
    *This policy does not apply to Weekenders.  Weekenders not turned in on Monday will join me at recess of that day to complete a new writing assignment.
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    Daily Assignments
    In addition to assignments given for general education classes, please complete the following with your child nightly:
    -Read!!! But please do not read ahead in the our Storytown Anthology!
    -Practice Math Facts ( + and -)
    -Spelling and High-Frequency word review!
    -Writing complete sentences neatly!
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    Communication Arts
    The Storytown series is organized by Themes, Lessons, and Skills. Six Themes will be covered during the course of the school year. Each theme is comprised of a series of lessons. Each Lesson lasts for approximately 5 days and is further organized by a variety of stories, activities, and skill development focus points.
    • Theme 1: Follow Me (3 Lessons)
    • Theme 2: One for All (3 Lessons)
    • Theme 3: Turning Corners (6 Lessons)
    • Theme 4: Wild and Wonderful (6 Lessons)
    • Theme 5: Where We Live (6 Lessons)
    • Theme 6: New Places, New Faces (6 Lessons)

      The Storytown series focuses on explicit, systematic instruction with a spiraled review of key skills. Student experience many opportunities for practice and the application of concepts. In addition, a series of leveled activities and resource materials exist to meet the varied needs of learners.
      Skills that are developed through these resources include:

    • Various types of literature (Main and Paired Selections)
    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Phonics/Spelling
    • High Frequency Words
    • Comprehension (Focus Skills and Focus Strategies)
    • Fluency
    • Robust Vocabulary
    • Grammar /Writing
    The stories for the week coincide with the curriculum skills and objectives that we will be covering in class. When students bring their book home daily, the stories should be read for each assigned lesson several times. Make sure your child practices and knows the “Words to Know”. Also have them read and discuss all parts of the lesson including the comprehension questions. You should see the reading book come home three to four times a week. I ask that nightly reading at home focus on only the stories we have covered in the classroom! Please look you child's anthology in their backpack. Students can bring their book home each night as long as they return it to school the next day. They will need to have their own book to use in class!

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    Pencil Policy

    When students are writing and their pencil breaks, they are to silently walk to the pencil bins, place the broken pencil in the dull bin, and take a sharp pencil from the sharp bin.  Students have the opportunity to sharpen one pencil from their bin before the morning announcements daily!  Pencil helper is responsible for sharpening 5 pencils at the start of each day!

    ****Please NO mechanical pencils or pens****
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    Mystery Walker

    The expectation once students are in their boy or girl line is to remain silent in the classroom and hallway. There are ample opportunities to talk throughout the day. Our class talks a lot about the importance of respecting other learners in the building and how we can help them stay focused by not disrupting as we walk in the hall.  To assist students in meeting hallway expectations, I build in several stops that I refer to as “checkpoints.” At these designated spots the line stops and students are able to check their personal hallway behavior before we reach our destination.

    Each morning, I select a “mystery walker” by choosing a stick with a student's name on it.  I will be paying extra close attention as we progress to our destinations throughout the day. I will be making sure students are facing forward, walking quietly, and keeping hands by their sides. At the end of each day, I will reveal our daily Mystery Walker if the student was able to follow hallway rules during transitions and they will receive a certificate. The student will not be revealed if the mystery walker was not able to meet all of the expectations for the entire day. 

      mr. hero Mr. Potato Our Hero
    • 1C has a hero!!!
    • Mr. Potato Head is part of our classroom's behavior reward system!  Mr. Potato Head will gain parts daily when 1C has perfect behavior!  He will gain one part per day if the entire class remains on green tickets!  A classroom reward is earned once he is completely built!

    How is your day?

    My goal is to create an environment which is stimulating and safe for your child.  This includes assisting children in making appropriate behavior choices.  The desired classroom rules have been decided upon and discussed by the class and are posted for all to see.  Each child will be able to keep track of his/her personal behavior by use of a behavioral chart.  If a rule is not broken, your child receives a green card for the day.  If warnings are given throughout the day, your child receives a yellow card.  If your child is on yellow and additional warnings are given throughout the day, a red card is received.  When a red card is in your child’s pocket, your child will “take 5” and stand on the wall during recess for 5 minutes.  If a red card is received after recess has passed for that day, your child will “take 5” the following school day.  You will be notified if your child receives a red card regarding behavior choices along with a dated “take 5” note in their take home folder.  Once a card is received, it will remain and won't be changed back to yellow or green for that day.  Each student begins a new day with a green card!  

    The children change the cards on the chart when needed.  At the end of each day, students will record the color of card in their pocket on their behavior calendar with a red, yellow, or green dot.  Students with green cards for the entire week will receive a ticket and are eligible to be picked for treasure stars and shop at our store.  Five tickets will be randomly chosen each Friday.  Tickets that aren't chosen each week will remain in the bucket for that month and are eligible for an opportunity to be our gold star student of the month! The behavior calendars will be sent home daily in the back clear pocket of your child's yellow folder to review and discuss with your child.  I encourage you to please praise good behaviors!  Also, please return the calendar in the back pocket the following day with your child.  Your assistance with behavioral expectations is critical for maintaining a positive learning environment for your child.  My goal is to reward positive behaviors in hopes of diffusing inappropriate behaviors.  Thank you for your support!
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    Desk Fairy

    The Desk Fairy will visit 1C on occasion.  A Desk Fairy coupon will greet the student as a way to say thank you for their neatness!

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    All About ME
    Students will be assigned a date to become our All About Me celebrity!  During this time, your child will have the opportunity to bring in items that describe them and their family.  Our class will learn about one another as each child presents their items.  An "All About Me" poster will be sent home a week prior to your child's assigned date to be completed at home.  This poster will remain on display throughout the year!  Further information regarding this activity will be provided  in a letter.
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    Students who are absent and did not make arrangements for another sibling/friend to gather their work will receive it when they return to school.  If you would like to get your child's missed work at school, please email me to make arrangements to do so during school hours.  Students will have missed work, a "While you were out..." note stating which needs completed along with a due date, and Absent Folder.  Parents are to sign and return form with completed work inside Absent Folder.
    chair Share Chair

    1C has wonderful ideas, opinions and stories!  Students will have the opportunity to sit in our Share Chair to "share" their thoughts, ideas, and work with our classroom throughout the year!

    june box June Box
    The June Box is used to house student distractions throughout the school year.  When students become distracted with object(s) throughout the day, they will be asked to place item(s) in their desk.  Following two warnings, students who choose to continue behaviors will have object placed in June Box.  The June Box will hold items until June when items will be returned to students.  Items in the June Box are not labeled with your student's name or number.  Please keep all items at home that you would like to enjoy throughout the year!
    Happy Birthday!!! 
    Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to 1C...Happy Birthday to you!!!  1C would love to celebrate your child's birthday!  In lieu of food-treats, our classroom welcomes pencils, erasers, bubbles, stickers, etc.  Students also have the opportunity to have a guest reader read their favorite book to 1C!  Please make arrangements with me at least one week PRIOR to your child's birthday!  Birthdays that occur during summer months will be notified towards the end of the school year on which date it will be celebrated!  *This refers to birthdays in June, July, and August when school is not in session.