• Diversity Contest Winners | 2011-2012
    This year was the Eleventh annual NASD Marcia Martin Unity/Diversity Contest. Winners in grades K-12 were honored at a luncheon sponsored by the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Raymond Gualtieri, on February 7 at the Central Administration Offices. Students attended with their sponsoring teachers and school principals. Each winner had the opportunity to read, sing or explain their entry to those in attendance following the lunch.
    At the luncheon, Mrs. Merry Ann Houser was also recognized for her work with the Diversity Puppets over the past twelve years. Thousands of children have heard the message of celebrating our differences to create a better world through her efforts. The Unity/Diversity Committee has recognized Mrs. Houser’s work with a permanent, engraved bar on the “Honor Someone Special” wall.
    Winning entries were also on display at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Cranberry from February 8 – 13, 2012. Barnes & Noble sponsored a reception featuring the contest winners on February 13th at 6:30 p.m. Friends and family members attended and winners were awarded Barnes & Noble gift certificates.

    This year’s contest theme was again:

    "Each one of us is wonderful;
    together we are diverse and strong.
    Help make NA a place where everyone knows they belong."

    A total of 789 entries were submitted in the Fine Arts and Writing categories. The work was judged by a panel of teacher/experts in those given fields. “Each year the number of entries increases and the quality of the submissions is so impressive,” said Mr. Craig Slaubaugh, Chairperson of the Unity/Diversity Committee. “We can’t say enough about how moving the messages of our students as conveyed through this contest really are.”
    2011-2012 Diversity Contest Winners  

    Fine Arts Design
    Gary Peng – MES
    Drawing – “Holding Hands”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Nicole Alderdice
    Angie Genter – HES
    Drawing – “Although We are Different, We are All Made of the Same “Stuff”
    Sponsoring Teachers – Mrs. Jenn Sell
    Leonardo Lupidi – CMS
    Poster “Together We Can Color the World”
    Sponsoring Teachers – Mrs. Hugus
    Tabitha White – NAI
    Musical Score – “Everyone Belongs”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Ms. Hulme
    Benjamin T. Wilson – NASH
    Multi-Media Project – “Discovering Diversity”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Dave West
    Writing Design
    Hannah Shin – BWE
    Short Story – “Together We Can Make a Happier School”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Ms. Tatum
    Sanjit Beriwal – MES
    Poem – “Dare to Be Different”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Michael
    Esther Kim – IMS
    Essay – “Diversity is a Christmas Tree”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mr. McMillon
    Biprateep Kundu – NAI
    Poem – “Cloud of NA”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Hulme
    Katie Serody – NASH
    Short Story – “Red Roses”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Esposito