Health and PhysicalEducation

    Grade 4 Study Guide for Nutrition

    P.E. Standard: 10.1.6C Analyzenutritional concepts that impact health.


    DIRECTIONS: Please review the following information with your child for the 15point quiz next week in Physical Education.




    ·       The milk familysupplies calcium for strong bonesand teeth.


    ·       Whole grains are a healthy energy source for the body.


    ·       Meats supply protein to build muscles andrepair the body.


    ·       Fruits and vegetables are the body’s main source of vitamins and minerals.


    ·       Vitamins and minerals help to heal thebody and maintain body functions.


    ·       Fat is an insulator and helps absorbvitamins.


    ·       Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy.


    ·       A calorie is ameasure of energy.


    ·       Children should consume 1,800 calories in a day.


    ·       A person must use or burn up the calories they eat eachday or the calories will turn into fat.


    ·       Water hydrates the body and helps absorb theessential nutrients.


    ·       The person running up the side of the food pyramid representsthe need for physical activity everyday.



    More information on making healthy easy atwww.nrgbalance.org

    5,4,3,2,1– MAKE HEALTHY EASY!


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