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    Grade 3 Study Guide for Nutrition

    P.E. Standard: 10.1.3C Explain the roleof the food guide pyramid in helping people eat a healthy diet.


    DIRECTIONS: Please review the following information with your child for the 10point quiz next week in Physical Education. 



    ·       That the body’s main energy source is carbohydrates.


    ·       The food group that you should eat the most of everydayis grains.


    ·       Proteins help to rebuild your muscles.


    ·       The two healthiest meats are chicken and fish.


    ·       Vitamins and Minerals help to maintain normal body functionsand systems.


    ·       You get the mineral calciumfrom the dairy/milk food group.


    ·       Fats are important because they serve as aprotector, insulator, and energy source for the body.


    ·       Unused calories will become stored on the body as fat.


    ·       Water is important because it keeps the body hydrated.


    ·       You should drink at least 4-8 glasses of water everyday.













    Moreinformation on making healthy easy at www.nrgbalance.org

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