Health and PhysicalEducation

                                 Grade 2 Study Guide for Nutrition

    P.E. Standard: 10.1.3C Explain the roleof the food guide pyramid in helping people eat a healthy diet.

    DIRECTIONS: Please review the following information with your child for thequiz next week in Physical Education. 



    ·       Fruits and vegetables are green light foods.

    Eat as many of these foods as you want.


    ·       Meats, cheese, bread, rice,and pasta are yellow light foods.

    Eat a moderate or small amount of these foods.


    ·       Junk food, candy, chips,cookies, and cake are red Lightfoods.

    Eat these foods every once in a while.


    ·       You should eat many different kinds of food, not justone food or food group.


    ·       You should drink a lot of water, instead of soda/pop.


    ·       You should eat 5fruits and/or vegetables everyday.


    ·       You should drink at least 4 glasses of water everyday.


    ·       You should eat 3 balanced meals everyday.


    ·       You should watch TV orplay video games for less than 2hours everyday.


    ·       You should be activefor at least 1 hour everyday.







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