• Cardiovascular Risk assessment Lab
     Write-up Due 3/4/2012 by 11:59pm
    These Questions need to be answered in paragraph form and emailed to Mr. Allen. The graphs can be handmade or made in excel.

    Blood Pressure:

    What did you learn about taking blood pressure?

    Why is blood pressure an indicator of cardiovascular health?

    What do the systolic and diastolic numbers mean?


    Where did you find the pulse the easiest on your partner,and on yourself?

    What can your pulse rate tell you about your health?

    BMI/Fat %

    Why are BMI and fat % used to assess overall health?

    What do both measurements have in common and how do they differ?
    Final Conclusion:
    How many risk factors do you have for heart disease? What can you do about these risk factors?


    1.      Graph Blood pressure results to compare across the different conditions.

    2.      Graph the first 3 pulse tests, averages and trials on one graph to compare the change.

    3.      Graph the stress test to show the return to a normal heart rate.

Last Modified on March 1, 2012