• Lab #7


    PART 1. The Life Cycle of Drosophila
    - Why is the fruitfly an excellent organism for genetics studies?
    - Describe the basic stages in the life cycle of Drosophila.
    - What was your F1 cross number and observed mutation?
    - How did you distinguish between males and females?
    - How did you ensure that the F1 flies did not get mixed up with the F2 generation?
    - What were the genotypes of your F1 flies? How did you figure this out?
    - Was your mutation sex-linked or autosomal, dominant or recessive? How could you tell?
    - Was your cross monohybrid or dihybrid? How could you tell?

    PART 2. The Chi-SquareAnalysis
    - What is the Chi-Sqaure Analysis used for?
    - What was your null hypothesis that you tested?
    - Did you accept or reject your null hypothesis? Explain why?
    - What did your Chi-Square analysis indicate about your fruitfly data?
    - If you rejected your null, what reasons might have contributed to your extreme variation?


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