• Lesson 30 Assesments will be on Monday, June 3rd


    Reading Main Selection:  Frog and Toad Together  By Arnold Lobel

    Spelling: find mind mild cold fold most soon new boy building

    High frequency Words: any front nothing sorry ready

    Phonics: long o, long i; -ind, -ild, -old

    Skills: alphabetize, comprehension

    Grammar: using go and went

    Robust Vocabulary:

    Tiresome- boring

    Seized- to grab something in a sudden strong way

    Tremendous- something that is very large and great

    Patient- putting up with things without complaining

    Exhausted- when you are so tired you can hardly move

    Outrageous- being different in a shocking way

    Ideas for studying Robust Vocabulary:

    Pretend to seize a balloon to keep it from floating away.

    Pretend your family has built something tremendous in your backyard.  Describe what it is and why it is tremendous.

    Describe something you do that is very tiresome.

    Tell what you would do if you felt exhausted.

    Make up something outrageous you might see.

    Name a time when you need to be patient at home.


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