• Lesson 11


    Main Selection:  Land of Ice by Norbert Wu (nonfiction)

    HF words: animals, cold, fish, from, their, under, very

    Skills: phrasing, compare/contrast, making inferences, story elements

    Phonics: /or/ or, ore, compound words

    Spelling: or, for, form, more, store, sort, long, bring, your, head, before, horse, score, sports, forget, morning

    Grammar:  Special names and titles of places- Proper nouns should always begin with a capital letter.

    Comprehension: compare/contrast

    Writing: Interview Questions

    Robust Vocabulary:

    Nuzzled: if an animal nuzzled against you, it would rub you with its face or nose

    Pranced: walking in a bouncy, springy way, like a horse

    Raging: when something is raging it is happening in a strong out of control way

    Adapt: if an animal adapts to a place, it has body parts or ways of acting that help it live there

    Intriguing: if you think that something is intriguing, you are curious about it and very interested in it

    Inhabit: if you inhabit a place, you live there

    Ideas for Robust Vocabulary:

    • Tell some things you might nuzzle.
    • Prance around the room to show that you are having fun.
    • Imitate how a raging storm might sound outside.
    • Tell how you could adapt to a new classroom.
    • Tell about something you find intriguing.
    • Name two things you like about the place you inhabit.
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