• VisionLab Write-up


    All of the following questions must be answered in sentence/paragraph format. Please be as detailed and accurate as possible in your responses. Your response must be emailed to me at ballen@northallegheny.org by 11:50pm on 11/19/2015


    Vision Tests:



    - What was the purpose of this series of tests? Why did you cover one eye and/or remove glasses/contacts for the tests?

    - What was the purpose of the Snellen eye chart and what did it measure?

    - How did your acuity values compare to the standard of 20/20 and what does that mean about how you see objects?

    What is meant by 20/200 vision and what is meant by 20/15 vision?

    Inner Eye Structures:

    - How did you calculate the diameter of your blind spot, and what was the 17mm measurement of/for?

    -Describe why you have a blind spot.

    - What did the test for near point of focus tell you about you ocular age?

    -What did your tests, use specific examples, tell you about your overall ocular health?

    Overall Eye Health:

    -Construct a table to compare your vision and equilibrium tests with those of two other students partners, be sure to include your tests with and without glasses/contacts.

Last Modified on November 18, 2015