Here are some pictures of me competing; during a local series of off road Mountain bike races throughout the Pittsburgh region @ North Park, Bavington woods, Moraine state Park, Brady's Run and others!  www.monthofmud.org  I hope you like them!!!  After seeing my home page photo the students keep asking to see more pics so here you go kids!
    Scroll down for pictures of me in a MUD race!! "The Tough Mudder"
  • Tough Mudder - This was a team race I was involved in the Spring of 2011 - The idea of the race is to Finish STRONG with your TEAM and look out for each other rather than trying to beat everyone.  The race with lot's of different challenges and over 10 miles of running up and down steep hills... My team was great and we pulled each other through to the finish here are some pictures of me all muddy....
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