• North Allegheny Foundation

    About Us



    To enhance and enrich the educational experience of North Allegheny students, create vital connections with the wider community in supporting North Allegheny Schools, and provide scholarship monies to graduating seniors.

    Who We Are
    North Allegheny Foundation (NAF) is a broad-based community organization that was founded in 1989. The Foundation is governed by a 23-member Board of Trustees that represent a diverse group of community and business leaders who are dedicated to supporting excellence in education. Since 1989, NAF has distributed over $400,000 in grants to NA schools and thousands more in scholarship to outstanding graduating seniors.

    Why Our Work is Important
    By supporting the students, teachers, and staff of North Allegheny, we are investing in our community. McCandless, Marshall, Bradford woods, and Franklin Park all continue to be great places for businesses and families as our schools continue to outperform on a national scale.
    With delayed state budgets and threats to funding of essential education services, North Allegheny Foundation is vital to continuing the pursuit of excellence in education, science, the arts and preparing all students for success in a changing world.

    What We Do
    North Allegheny Foundation pursues its mission and strategic goals through three primary activities:
    • Grant Making: Distributing funds to North Allegheny teachers, schools, and the district insupport of the district’s six strategic goals.
    • Scholarships: Provides scholarships to exceptional students graduating from NorthAllegheny High School. The Foundation also facilitates scholarships through donorrestricted scholarships and community partnerships.
    • Connecting: Builds relationships with community members, parents, alumni, and businessleaders in support of the Foundation’s mission.

    How We Do It
    North Allegheny Foundation is the fundraising and benefactor arm of North Allegheny School District. It seeks to create vital connections with the wider community in supporting North Allegheny Schools. This is accomplished through:

    • General Fundraising: The Foundation raises funds to support the district through such efforts asthe annual fund campaign, honor and memorial giving, planned gifts and special eventsthroughout the year.
    • Program-based Fundraising: The Foundation solicits funds for new, expanding or otherwisenovel programs at North Allegheny schools to ensure the district’s ability to anticipate and fulfillthe needs of students.
    • Education Improvement Tax Credit: The Foundation maintains eligibility as an EducationImprovement Organization in Pennsylvania’s EITC program. The Foundation seeks donationsthrough EITC in support of innovations in STEAM education.
    • Alumni Relations: The foundation, works to connect with the community at large by reachingout to the 34,271 of North Allegheny alumni across our region and around the globe.

    North Allegheny Foundation’s Tax ID is: 25-1595781
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