• Third Grade Robust Vocabulary Words:  Theme 4

    Lesson 16

    Lon Po Po


    charming – If you are charming, you have a way of pleasing people with what you say and how you act.


    racket – If you make a lot of noise, you are making a racket.


    ingenious – If you do something very clever or imaginative, you are ingenious.


    outwit – If you trick someone by doing something clever, you outsmart, or outwit, them.


    tender – Something, like food, that is tender is soft and easy to chew or cut.


    delighted – When you are very happy about something, you are delighted.


    brittle – Things that are brittle are so stiff and hard that they break easily.


    embraced – If you hugged someone, you embraced that person.


    cunning – Someone who is cunning uses smart and tricky ways to get what he or she wants.


    disguised – If you are disguised, you are wearing something that keeps people from knowing who you are.

    Lesson 17

    Two Bear Cubs


    awe – If something fills you with awe, you are amazed by it.


    concentration – Concentration is focusing your attention on a single thing.


    dilemma – A dilemma is a problem or a difficult situation


    commendable – If something is commendable, it is worthy of attention and praise.


    glancing – When you are glancing at something, you are taking a quick look at it.


    scolding – If you are scolding someone, you are angrily pointing out that person’s mistakes.


    console – When you comfort or cheer someone you console him or her.


    heroic – Someone who is heroic is brave and acts like a hero.


    drowsy – When you are drowsy, you feel so sleepy that you can’t stay awake.


    burden – A burden is a heavy load that is difficult to carry.

    Lesson 18

    Me and Uncle Romie


    dull – When something is not shiny, it is dull.


    towers – Something that is very tall towers over shorter things.


    masterpiece – A great piece of art can be called a masterpiece.


    heritage – Memories and traditions of your family’s past are part of your



    ruined – If something is ruined, it is no longer any good.


    crept – If you crept, you moved slowly and carefully so that you wouldn’t be

    seen or heard.


    glorious – If something is so wonderful that you can hardly believe it, it is



    memory – A memory is something you remember.


    streak – To streak is to move very quickly from one place to another.


    yanked – If you yanked something, you gave it a quick, hard pull.

    Lesson 19



    deliberately – If you move slowly and carefully, you move deliberately.


    composed – If you made up a song, you composed it.


    gratitude – If you thank someone for something, you are showing gratitude.


    compassion – If you are kind to someone who needs help, you are showing compassion.


    swift – Something that is swift moves very quickly.


    vain – If you are vain, you think very highly of yourself.


    overheard – If you overheard what people said, you heard it without them knowing you were listening.


    suggested – If you suggested something, you gave someone an idea.


    enormous – Something that is enormous is very big.


    exclaimed – If you exclaimed something, you said it excitedly.

    Lesson 20

    Backstage with Chris and Casey

    criticize – When you criticize something, you tell what you think is wrong with it.


    dialogue – Conversation between people is called dialogue.


    immerse – To immerse oneself is to become very involved in something.


    mandatory – Something that is mandatory is required.


    rehearse – To rehearse is to practice for a performance.


    versions – If there are different versions of a story, the story is told in different ways.


    camaraderie – People have camaraderie when they are comfortable with each other and spend a lot of time together.


    flawless – If a performance is flawless, there are no mistakes in it.


    tragic – A tragic event is something that is both sad and horrible.


    limp – When something is limp, it is too weak to move or support itself.



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