• Third Grade Robust Vocabulary Words:  Theme 6

    Lesson 26

    Charlotte’s Web


    bristly – If something is bristly, it is covered with short, stiff hairs.


    dreadful – If something is dreadful, it is scary or terrible.


    adamant – If someone is adamant about something, he or she is very determined and won’t change his or her mind about it.


    inevitable – Is something is inevitable, it cannot be avoided or stopped.


    summoning – If you are summoning someone, you are calling for the person to come.


    nuisance – Something or someone that bothers you can be a nuisance.


    sedentary – If you have a sedentary job or lifestyle, you are sitting down most of the time.


    oblige – When you oblige someone, you help the person.


    boasting – Someone who is boasting is telling other people wonder things about

    himself or herself.


    sway – When things sway, they swing slowly back and forth.

    Lesson 27

    Spiders and Their Webs


    justice – If you treat others fairly, you are showing justice.


    task – A task is a job that needs to be done.


    elaborate – Something that is elaborate is decorated with many details.


    inventive –A person who creates or solves something in a new way is inventive.


    prey – An animal that is hunted for food is prey.


    shallow – Something shallow is not very deep.


    strands – Long, thin pieces of something are strands.


    social – A social animal is one that lives in a group with other animals of the same kind.


    spiral – A spiral shape curls around and a round in a circle.


    reels – A person reels something in by winding up a line attached to it.

    Lesson 28

    The Science Fair


    humor – When you have a sense of humor, it means you enjoy telling and hearing about things that are funny.


    abroad - If you go abroad, you go overseas to a different country.


    preparation – Preparation is everything you do to get ready for something.


    gimmick – A gimmick is a trick or a way to grab people’s attention.


    sprinkled – Something that has been sprinkled has had tiny pieces or drops of something scattered all over it.


    expand- When things expand, they get bigger.


    erupt- Something that erupts breaks out of something that holds it in.


    thorough- If you do something in a thorough way, you do a careful and complete job.


    deliberation- Deliberation is thought and discussion that comes before making a decision.


    grainy – If something is grainy, it is not smooth but has many small, hard pieces.

    Lesson 29

    The Planets


    distinct – When there are several similar but separate objects, the objects are said to be distinct.


    slightly – When something happens slightly, you can barely tell it happened.


    infinite – When there is so much of something that it cannot be measured, it is infinite.


    expansive – Something that is expansive covers a very large area.


    rotate – Something that rotates spins like a top.


    steady – A light that is steady always looks the same and does not change or go out.


    reflect – When something reflects light, the light bounces off the surface

    instead of passing through it.


    surface- The surface of something is the top part of it.


    evidence – Evidence is proof that something has happened.


    appear – How something appears is the way it looks or seems to be.

    Lesson 30

    Voyage Across the Solar System

    magnify – When you magnify something, you make it look larger than it actually is.


    observed – If you observed something, you watched it carefully to learn more about it.


    generate – To generate something is to produce it.


    confirm- When you can prove something is correct, you can confirm it.


    picturesque- Something that is picturesque is pretty enough to be in a picture.


    safeguard- To safeguard something is to protect and guard it.


    expedition- An expedition is an adventure or a journey to a new place.


    uncharted- If an area is uncharted, there are no maps of that place.


    aligned – When two things are aligned, they match up perfectly.


    occur – When something occurs, it happens.


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